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IT Audit & Related Technology Services

Information System Audit

The audit includes a review of the auditees’ accounting and overall information system to ensure all the information system’s output is reliable to support the external auditors’ audit opinion on the financial statements of the auditees;

Information System Control Review

This includes independent review of the information system employed by the auditee to ascertain whether adequate controls have been established by management to ensure that the information system infrastructure and applications are meeting the auditee’s business needs and operating effectively and efficiently. This includes both general and specific controls employed in the information system use and the protection of information assets. An assessment of the entity’s information delivery process is also part of this review process;

Review of Information System Support

This includes a review of the availability of continuous support for both the entity’s hardware and software from its vendors and suppliers;

Review of System & Infrastructure Life Cycle

This includes a detailed review of the system and its infrastructure’s life cycle to ascertain the need for further capital expenditures to support future expansion and development requirements;

Review of information system, its disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan. This include a review of the auditee’s business continuation plan and disaster recovery plan and testing these plans to ensure they are in good working condition;

Providing specific purpose written information system program to solve clients’ issues
This includes provision of specific purpose written software to resolve clients’ accounting and management issues including customizations of accounting systems, recommendations for improvising the information system in use and other upgrades including best practices of reconciliation works and management solutions. Included herein is our customization service for clients’ requirements to ensure all information system acquired can be utilized based on the client’s individual needs and preferences;

Business Process Re-Engineering

This includes a review of the client’s existing business processes and identifying improvisation possibilities. Business re-engineering process shall also involve benchmarking against the individual industry’s best practices;

Outsourcing Services

Amongst the outsourcing services that can be provided includes the outsourcing of general and specific accounting services. General accounting services includes the maintenance of a full set of accounting records and also the production of financial statements (in compliance with FRS Standards) derived from a set of trial balance already prepared by the client. This form of compilation shall be extremely useful for larger corporations who presently lack the expertise to produce FRS standards-compliant financial statements for its auditors to perform their annual audit.
The specific accounting services include the provision of outsourced payroll preparation for the management. This is extremely useful in companies with a high number of staff performing various functions with variable pay brackets i.e a factory with many staff including overtime pay;

Change Management

This involves assisting clients in succession planning, settlement and transition management. This includes advisory roles in impending changes and realization of values from improvisations and its preparations. We also assist the clients where they wish to establish a clear and concise policy regarding its succession planning and processes. Including herein is the remuneration packages and settlement terms for the respective parties including in cases of partnerships, their repayment terms; and

System integration Services

This includes services for systems integrations when clients require two or more systems to be integrated and merged. This may involve SAP systems or other systems deployed by the clients.